Call Queuing

Don't miss any call with Network Call Queuing!

Do you have busy times when the calls coming into your company exceed the number of staff you have answering calls? This is where our Call Queuing system can be of benefit to your business.

Our online system can detect that your line is engaged and keeps the caller in a queue until the line becomes free. The caller will either hear a ringing tone, music, or a series of information messages while they wait. The caller is also informed of their position within the queue until an operator becomes available.

Call Queuing

No Equipment Needed

We offer a hosted solution with no maintenance or installation costs and instant set up. You can queue using multiple number destinations in addition to your office, such as; home-workers, answering services or different extensions within the office.

Make the Most of Your Call Operators

  • Improves customer service.
  • Limit abandoned calls and reduce lost sales to competitors.
  • Customers only need to dial once.

Our call queuing system offers a great deal of functionality such as:

  • Destination numbers and queue messages can be updated online in real time.
  • Option to inform callers of position in queue and take action if required (e.g leave voicemail).
  • Set rules for overflow to queue - divert to other call centre or voicemail.
  • Limit time or number of callers in a queue.
  • Personalise hold music or option to advertise products/services.

Additional Features Available:

Web Based Monitoring

Check the status of the queue in real time with our web monitor or view a quick breakdown using our wallboard.

Information that can be viewed includes the latest current queue times, concurrent calls, percentage answered and average talk time.

Call Queuing

Call All Operators Simultaneously

Choose between either a round robin approach which calls all operators individually or call all operators at once

Call Reporting

Receive reports on capacity to enable you to identify peak demand so you can manage your resources

Case Study

A box office for a local theatre had just one incoming telephone line. Callers booking tickets would often receive an engaged tone, especially at busy times when a new play was announced or the monthly newsletter was sent out. By using a remote queuing system, the box office staff were able to greatly improve the efficiency with which calls were dealt. A recorded message that was played to the callers reminded them that tickets could be purchased through their website and this increased the website visitors and bookings. An overflow system was put in place so that when there were more than 4 people queuing the call would divert to a call centre that used the website to take bookings. The theatre soon found that their performances were selling out much faster and their patrons were much happier.