Live Call Answering

Your own Live Telephone Receptionist 24 hours a day!

Imagine having a live telephone receptionist answering your phone. Your callers are greeted warmly by professional answering service operators in such a way that they'll feel as though they have reached your office directly! Callers speak to a fully trained, live answering service receptionist every time.

For a fraction of the price of hiring full time staff, our live call answering service operators understand that every telephone message we take is important to you and because of this we take the message and the delivery of that message very seriously. Our live operators have a great deal of experience answering calls for all types of businesses and at all levels. You can count on us for calls received after hours, during holidays, on the weekends, bad weather, in fact anytime 24/7.

Live Call Answering can be setup on any of numbers, for more information or to get a quote please click here to contact us.

Live call answering is usually used in the following situations:

  • If your office is unattended.
  • If your main number is engaged.
  • To work undisturbed.
  • To cover high call periods.
  • To cover absent staff.
  • Campaign management.
  • Tele marketing response handling.

Our operators can even follow an exact script that you can specify for your business, this ensures all your calls are dealt with in a professional and individual way specific to your company. Using the advanced functionality of the Numbers Plus system you can divert your number over to our live call operators when your lines are busy, if not answered for a certain amount of time or outside office hours. You have full control over your numbering needs and when and how the live operator will take over your call and take the details of the caller.


Our live call operator systems feature great functionality, such as:

  • Save Time - Voicemails are sent to your email address instantly
  • Added Privacy - An extra layer of privacy helps protect your personal numbers
  • Screen Callers - Use voicemail to screen unwanted calls and stay more productive
  • Convenience - Be notified of new messages instantly via email and sms/text

Live Call Answering can be setup on any of numbers, for more information or to get a quote please click here to contact us.


  • Answer all calls professionally in your company name
  • Receive an instant text message and email with full details of the call (name, number, time, brief message)
  • No need to hire extra staff
  • Keep a log of all calls answered
  • Take bookings/orders.